Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to make Skittles Vodka

I saw the Skittles Vodka picture up a couple of day ago. So i'd thought i'd show you how to make your own ;) Enjoy!

You  will need;

One 1.75 liter bottle of vodka (I used Stoli-you don't need the most expensive vodka, but do avoid the cheap ones)

Five 8.5 ounce flasks or bottles

One 1 pound bag of Skittles

Five empty plastic water bottles

A funnel

Bowls for separating the Skittles into flavors

A measuring cup (not pictured)

Coffee filters or paper towels

You'll also want to cover your workspace with newspaper or freezer paper -this
infusion can get messy. If you're making a different sized batch, here's the formula you need to know : I used 60 Skittles to 6 ounces of vodka, which yield about 8 ounces of infused vodka. If you want to make 1.5 time
that, or 3 times that, just multiply your amounts

Step 1: Seperate the colours 

 Simply seperate the flavours you'll need 60 of each.

Step 2 : Setting up your infusion bottles 

Fill your water bottles with 6 ounces of vodka each. It
doesn't need to be exact -youy can always even it out
later by pouring in a bit more vodka to the ones that
come out with less.

Step 3: Add the Skittles

Pour the Skittles of one flavor into one infusion bottle,
then pour the  next flavor  of the Skittles into the next infusion
bottle, and so on until all five bottles have a pile of Skittles
soaking in the vodka.

You could  certainly be more sophisticated than I was here,
and use a funnel to pour the Skittles of each flavor into
on of the bottles. The reason I did it this way was that I
felt it would be easier to wash each flavor of Skittles off
my hands before moving ontothe next one than it than to
get that flavor out of the funnel each time -that plastic
tends to hold onto the flavors, skin doesn't.

Step 4: Shake 'em ,shake 'em, shake 'em

Now your infusion bottles  all have Skittles in the
bottom. Give each bottle a good shake -the more,
the better. In my picture here, you can see that the
colored candy coating has already rubbed off into the
vodka , but the white insides of the skittles still have a
lot of dissolving to do. After shaking them, set them
aside for a few hours. It's a good idea to shake them
again them, especially if you're making a bigger
batch. My Skittles all dissolved overnight.

Once they're all dissolved, you'll
notice a lot of white muck floating
at the top. We'll take care of this in
Step 6.

Step 5: Strain

There are a number of ways to strain this stuff and get all the
white gunk out. Some people prefer paper towels, but I used
coffee filters and found they worked just as well. I put a funnel
inside a measuring cup.

Them I put four coffee filters in the funnel. It's hard to say
exactly how many you'll need, since not all coffee filters are
exactly the same. I'll tell you one thing I did learn, though:
orange and green needed more filtration than the others. I
discovered this when I thought I was finished, and found a
little bit of white stuff still floating in those two flavors. No
problem, though: I just strained them again through one more
coffee filter, and that took care of it. So if you find you haven't
stained it thoroughly enough, the good news is: you can
always fix that later.

Then i poured one of the infusions into my strainer setup. I had
to pour about a quarter of my infusion in, then wait for some of
it to soak through, then pour another quarter in, until I was
done. (If the strainer clogs with white gunk, use a spoon to
scrape the white gunk out of the way.) In the end, you'll have
about 8 ounces of Skittle infused vodka. Then i dumped the
funnel and coffee filters into one of the bowls I'd used earlier for
counting out Skittles, to catch drips as I carried it over to the
sink.I washed everything out for re-using(except the coffee
filters, of course -those i just rinsed before disposing of ,so the
sugar wouldn't attract ants).

Then i took the liquid from the measuring cup and poured it into
a flask, via the now-clean funnel. you can see here that the green
is a little thick, and it shouldn't have have been- that's why I ended
up having to re-filter it. Then I rinsed the funnel out again.

Repeat this process for each flavor.

Step 6 :Chill and Serve

Now you've got 5 flasks or bottles of Skittles infused Vodka:

Stick them in the freezer for several hours-overnight is fabulous...

...and they're ready to serve:

And finally... Profit!!!


  1. That's probably one of the better drink configurations I have ever seen.

  2. I've made them on several occasions. Damn yummy. And those glass flasks are a must!

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  4. this is pure awesome, i am definitely trying this. thanks for the instructions

  5. I've done this once before but never freezed them. Next time I'll try with the sour ones, I bet it's going to be even more awesome than the first time! The thing is that you can't drink this too fast since there's a lot of sugar.

  6. Sounds like a good recipe for a hangover!

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  8. I never drink vodka >_<! lol it's too strong for me

  9. Didn't know you could do that, it looks great!

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