Sunday, December 5, 2010

fuzzing instrument of magic

i just found that playing didgeridoo is orgasmic and also maybe annoying my family and these are simple instructions on how to construct a PVC didgeridoo. You must work in a well ventilated area as you are dealing with heat and PVC fumes. You need a heat gun, pipe clamp, screwdriver, pipe cutter, dremel, PVC pipe, buffing bit and bucket of water. This is a detailed process of digeridoo making.

now how to play

and real music

if is orgasmic for you two that make my day


  1. Didgeridoos are pretty awesome! My friends has a plastic one, but he cant play it very well. Awesome blog...keep up the great work

  2. I could never get the hang of circular breathing, it's a fun instrument to play around with though

  3. Oh shit man. I love me some didgeridoo. These videos were life changing

  4. that's pretty neat actually. cool stuff!