Thursday, March 3, 2011

jackass are noobs

before Johnny Knoxville and his pals were sticking fireworks up their butts, snorting wasabi, and taking a shock to the gonads (à la the childhood game, Operation), in the far off land of Ontario, Canada reigned another daredevil—a man named Ralph Zavadil, a.k.a. Cap’n Video. Just as we all winced when Knoxville tore his uretha, community access viewers of the '90s cringed as Cap'n Video bounced off concrete and broke his neck... until Zavadil was arrested for trafficking and disappeared from the public eye. (Trafficking what exactly? I can't find the answer anywhere, if anybody knows the specific charge, please comment below.)

After a 15 year departure from public eye, Zavadil returns to the screen in director Jay Cheel's new documentary film Beauty Day, screening at the MoMA on March 20th.

"After a serious on-camera accident and a controversial Easter episode, the Cap'n was pulled from the airwaves and eventually faded away into community cable obscurity. Now, fifteen years later, Ralph has decided to revisit the Cap'n in celebration of the 20th birthday of the creation of the character. With the help of his best friend Robert, he'll attempt to get back on the air one last time and give the Cap'n the send off he deserves. In the process, we revisit all of the ups and downs in Ralph's life and learn that those who are truly passionate about their art always manage to find an outlet and surround themselves with like minded, creative people."

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Beauty Day Trailer from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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